Ice Cream

March 4, 2012 · 0 comments

in Running

I finally was able to peel myself away from Olivia this morning to go for my run despite her ability to be a nice heater on cold mornings.


My long run ended up being 5.5 miles instead of 5, which is great given the weather I had to get through this morning.


I left at about 8:45 am and the weather was clear despite the thin layer of wet snow that fell over night.  By the time I made my way through Bay Village, it felt like I was being pelted by those ice cream dots.


If only they tasted like ice cream! As I ran through Huntington Park and back to Lake Road, the sun was out and the snow was melting. 

Despite the crazy weather, it was a very peaceful and quiet run.  I didn’t pass one other runner and kept thinking how awesome it was that I dragged myself out and was braving the sleet/hail balls that were bouncing off of my eyelids. Sometimes you just need to pat yourself on the back during rough runs. 

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